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Growing up, my parents' jobs required them to travel. Following them around from an early age, I was exposed to different countries, cultures and standards of living. I was often met with diverse perspectives and struggled to find my own voice as my identity seemed to be an amalgamation of the experiences I'd had. It was through reflection and writing that I could process these thoughts.

In adulthood, I've been more focused on building my own life and livelihood. Within a span of five years, I got married, relocated for work, returned to set up a home, had a child, and (we all) went through the pandemic. Speeding through major milestones amidst ambiguity reinforced thoughts and values I'd long been harbouring. It became an impetus for me to share more of life.

Now, through this platform, it is meaningful connection I'm looking for. My style is more reflective and less instant. My thoughts are generally curated, but with the intent of candour: showing the bad as much as the fancy. I believe that the beauty of one's journey is multiplied when we share something we considered to be "uniquely my experience" and realize it could also be "universally ours". Perhaps counterintuitively, I feel that allowing these moments to belong to everyone makes it even more meaningful, not less. I'm glad you're here, let me know what you think.


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